From time to time each of us has serious difficulties in coping with the problems of living. During such crisis periods, we may need psychological and related assistance. Feeltalk comes in to address your problems at coping with this stress driven world. We seek to help you to help yourself cope with the realities. So we professionally assist you to adjust and solve your emotional problems.

What kinds of emotional issues do we counsel ?

The two main categories of counseling services we provide are Directive Counseling and Web Counseling.

We offer Directive Counseling when you walk in to our center and have a face to face personal session with one of us. Depending on the nature of your problem we provide support and treatment.

Web Counseling
You could have secure, private chat sessions with a psychologist or just receive email counseling responses from qualified professionals. All chat sessions happen in your own private area of the Feeltalk website. You could enter this area with a username and password which only you know. When you become a chat session member you could log in to your private area of the Feeltalk website and start having the chat sessions with us as per your choice of appointments.

If you have chosen to receive email responses to your queries and problems, you could send in these directly from this private area, we will respond to your emails within 48 hrs of receiving them.
All responses will be sent to your personal email ID. So you could either be a 'Chat only' or an 'email only' member or take advantage of both these services.

We have a whole range of programs for you to choose from. Click here to know more about each scheme and its respective fee.

You can join our web counseling services online and pay through your credit card. We also accept Local Cheques and Demand Drafts.

Click here to know more about our Payment Methods