Who is a Psychologist ?

"..the professional man or woman possesses distinctive qualifications.

FeelTalk is team of professionals. Individuals who are professionally qualified as behavioral scientists (Psychologists and Clinical Psychologists) having undergone rigourous clinical and theoretical training at esteemed universities for a period of not less than 7 years and have been awarded full time post graduate and doctoral degrees.

We do no employ nor recognise individuals who have undergone merely a year or six months of correspondence/distance learning courses or diploma in Psychology, Counseling and Psychotherapy as 'Psychologists' or 'Clinical Psychologists'. We seek to maintain very high standards of professional excellence.

We advise clients to be aware of this important difference when they seek counseling and re-emphasise that clients must request the counselor or psychologist or clinical psychologist to explain the nature of their qualifications and areas of expertise.

(We advise you to be aware of the existence of individuals operating counseling clinics and posing as Professional Psychologists / Clinical Psychologists and the risks of undergoing counseling through these people who are not professionally qualified to counsel and provide therapy. There have been certain instances of such individuals abusing personal and private information of their clients.)