What kinds of emotional issues do we counsel ?


Emotional trauma as a result of Abuse which may be Physical, Sexual, or Emotional abuse at home, school, college, church or at the workplace. This could be happening now or may have happened decades ago.

Addiction to alcohol, tobacco or drug abuse and the cascading effect on your normal life.

Adultery, Pre-marital, Extra-Marital relationships leading to overall emotional conflicts and related problems

Anger, tendencies towards excessive aggressiveness, Anti-social tendencies, lack of discipline or inconsistent discipline, abusive, impulsive behaviour.

Assertiveness, demanding undue attention, attempting to dominate others through unfair means.

Conflict, weak interpersonal bonding, lack of understanding and empathy for others, argumentative, always contradicting others or society.

Depression, leading to feeling lonely, unloved, worthlessness, persecuted, withdrawal from social life, feeling excessively self conscious, sleep deficiency, little or no sleep.

Eating Disorders leading to overweight people who fear eating more due to social stigma in some societies associated with being overweight, and similar problems faced by people who feel they are underweight.

Family, minor children who don't listen to their parents, generation gap between parents and children, parents who impose unrealistic values on their children, lack of trust between family members leading to emotional crisis, sexually abusive/incestous spouse, sibling, grand parent, or in-law, inability to deal with death in the family, inability to cope with disease in the family

Forgiveness inability to forgive a cheating family member, friend, colleague, or the spouse

Frustration unable to cope with competition at the workplace, in school, at college, or frustration at being unable to change the way things happen at home, or the neighborhood committee.

In addition to all the issues we have listed above Feeltalk also offers help to solve emotional problems caused as a result of


Loss - Financial Loss, Loss of a loved one to disease, disaster or natural death,

Marginal Performance of your child at school or your subordinate at the workplace.

Marital discord,

Relating to Others

Lack of Self-Image

Sexuality - Conflicting perception of one's sexuality whether they are Gay or Lesbian, Transexualism


Stress related work, family, society, education, as a result of being unemployed, or underemployed.