"Each man can make a difference, and each man should try."

Your mind is the most powerful tool in the universe. It can reach out and touch the stars or plumb the ocean's depths.

It's so easy to expand and fill our minds here. So easy that we often take it for granted and waste that priceless opportunity. You have a brilliant and wonderful mind, the marvel of the universe. Use it and improve it.

At Feeltalk we know just what that means and we help people to get there.

Welcome to Feeltalk.com, the place you must come to, when you wish to speak your mind and seek sound private counseling, from a caring professional. Get to know more about us, our services and what we mean by professional counseling.

Are you being counseled by a professional? How can you distinguish a Professional Psychologist from 'Counselors' claiming to be Psychologists?
At FeelTalk, you will be counseled by experts backed by their years of professional study, research and experience.
We do no employ nor recognise individuals who have undergone merely a few years or a few months of correspondence/distance learning courses or diploma in Psychology, Counseling and Psychotherapy as 'Psychologists' or 'Clinical Psychologists'. We seek to maintain very high standards of professional excellence. All our Clinical Psychologists are authorised/licensed by the Rehabilitation Council of India (RCI), the premier body in India, authorising counseling and rehabilitative practice.
Who is a Clinical Psychologist?
Who is a Psychologist?
We advise clients to be aware of the important difference between a Psychologist, a Clinical Psychologist and an individual claiming to be part of this profession when they seek counseling and we re-emphasise that clients must request the counselor or psychologist or clinical psychologist to explain the nature of their qualifications and areas of expertise, to be sure that they are served by professionals.


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