Counseling is a discussion with a client of a problem that usually has emotional content in order to help the client cope with it better, counseling seeks to improve clients mental health. It is an exchange of ideas and feelings between two people, a counselor and a counselee, so it is an act of communication. Counseling usually is confidential so that clients feel free to talk openly about their problems.

Need for counseling
The need for counseling arises from a variety of clients problems. When problems exist, clients can benefit from the understanding and guidance that counseling can provide. Most problems that require counseling have emotional content. Emotions are part of life. Nature gave people their emotions, and these feelings make people human.


What Counseling Can do
The general objective of counseling is to help clients develop better mental health
so that they will grow in self-confidence, understanding, self-control, and ability to live effectively.

The counseling objective is achieved through one of the following Counseling Functions :

The six activities performed by counseling are :

Advice: Telling a person what you think should be done

Reassurance: Giving a person courage and confidence to face a problem

Communication: Providing information and understanding

Release of Emotional Tension: Helping a person relieve their tensions

Clarified Thinking: Encouraging more coherent rational thought

Re-orientation: Encouraging internal change in goals and values